What the hell am I doing?

‘What the hell am I doing?’ I thought to myself standing in the middle of Fochabers’ High Street, waiting for my Personal Trainer to arrive.

Personal Trainer.  Yes, that’s right.  My Personal Trainer, Louise Cartmell from Elgin.  You know the girl: a vision of health, not an ounce of fat, leads umpteen fitness classes a week and recently completed the Highland Cross?  Well, her.

Haha!  Crazy, I know. Having survived that first session and a few weeks of personal training (plus a few weeks off with the dreaded summer flu), I’m a convert!

Let me start by championing the case for hiring a personal trainer – my top five reasons to work with one (well, Louise really, as she’s my first):

  1. There is nowhere to hide.  I booked Louise and I paid good money for her time.  It was my choice.
  2. The days of personal trainers being reserved-for-celebrities was true in the 80s and 90s; not any more.  Personal trainers work with people from all walks of life and within a variety of budgets (it doesn’t have to be every week).  I mean, could you use the money spent on sweets and alcohol and extravagant meals?
  3. Louise bases the fitness regime around what I need, what I enjoy doing, how fit I am and what corrections to my technique are important.  I feel supported and cared for.
  4. It’s a real confidence booster, working directly with a professional sportsperson.  I know I’m doing it ‘right’, in the session and when I’m out on my own.
  5. Training with Louise is really good fun, it’s time for me and makes me feel great, especially afterwards. No other reasons necessary now!